Velvet Bar Berlin

Welcome to our seasonal  Quarantini Cocktail Delivery Service!

We are a bar in Berlin-Neukölln sourcing and processing into drinks what surrounding nature provides at the time of the year. 

During these challenging times we keep you lubricated with our


Five seasonal cocktails delivered to your or that birthday person's door-step!
Changing weekly with nature's and our larder's stock,   click here for the most recent selection.

No ice or mixing equipment needed, just store them in the fridge, then finish for 20-30 minutes in the freezer before serving.
Personal delivery within the Berlin S-Bahn-Ring every Thursday

Currently only pick up.
5 individual drinks curated by us, € 50.

You can also kindly support us by buying a voucher or tipping our staff.

photos by @sarah.swantje.fischer